I wanted to create an online collection of all the information that we know and have gathered about our family history, a way to easily collaborate and gather as much of it together in one place, so I created this website.  I hope to make in into an online database of our family history.  As such, it will ALWAYS be a work in progress. This is not my web site as much as it is the whole family’s.  Please help us remember our family by sending us any information you may have… be it pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, church programs, or anything else you may have of interest.

Don’t forget to CHECK OUT THE BLOG for all the latest and greatest information.

Here, you can find information about the following surnames (to name a few):
Brown, Burke, Davis, Cobaugh, Garvey, Griggs, Jordan, Naugle, O’Malley, O’Toole, Ramsborg, Robinson, Smith, Sullivan, & Wagner.


We love pictures.  If you can scan images and email them, great… if you can packaged items up and ship them me, I will scan them in and return them as quickly as possible.


Remembering is not knowing that a picture is safe in a shoe box on the shelf, it is celebrating it in the pages of history for all to see.


If you have a story to share, I want to hear it. Please email me using the Contact form.  Want to be a regular contributor to the family history blog? Drop me a line and I will happily add you to the blog.

Thank you!

Megan Stringfellow


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I must try. Do you know anything about Rosie Hilda Burke. She was married to Harry Burke and they have a son Harold, da. Harriet and a son Robert. Rosie was born in Michigan.

  2. Happy to find this site. My mother=in=law was Nancy Grace Griggs. I have lots of photos. What do you want most. think I have 1 of Mary glanfield Griggs , too. Found this on Stringfellow Brown tree.

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